Fert Spreading

 Fertiliser Spreading.

All plants need to be fed and grass is no different. We offer a range of products that are both organic and the usual agricultural fertilisers with our spreading service.

As we use low ground pressure machinery, we can spread on most land early or late in the season to maximise the paddocks potential and grass growth.

For the equine industry the use of fertiliser is linked to lamanitis, which we are not disputing but to generate grass for the whole season fertiliser when the Tsum reaches 200 (usually February) is better as it feed grass for the first part of the season when grass is slow growing and not so lush but gives enough so the paddocks are not wanting in May.

Also soil testing to check trace element can be very beneficial as you want to know what is in your bagged feed so why not your grass?


One product we use that helps to improve the palatability of the grass and delivers trace element is Grastrac click below for information.


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