The use of ATV’s (Four wheel drive low ground pressure motor bikes) enables us to not only operate in tight spaces, but also minimises the damage that can be caused by heavy tractors, whilst maximising the timing of operations in difficult ground conditions that could be encountered.

We can get on with the job required without causing damage to your paddock that heavy tractors can on certain soil types and conditions.

Peter Clark has over 16 years experience in a variety of Agricultural related industries, including work at Farmers Weekly, with extensive knowledge of grass production and maintenance. Untill 2002 he was a member of NIAB ( National Institute for Agricultural Botany) and the Institute for Grassland Management. He has an NDA in agricultural Management. He has written several papers for most of the equine press including Horse and Hound, Hoofbeat and many others. All of his team are qualified professionals and have the relevant experience, training and insurance’s for the services they fulfill

Based in Handcross we cover a twenty five mile radius with our only requirements is to be able to gain access of at least 10 foot width, with ample length parking that you could get a four wheel drive and horse box through and access to a hose for some operations.

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