The Aerator is a knife tine soil slitter designed to overcome soil compaction in grassland.

Treading by horses, cattle and sheep and also tracking by vehicles indirectly damages plants through puddling and soil compaction. Plants depend on their root system to access a balanced range of essential nutrients and micronutrients which are only available in a living soil with a population of worms, fungi, bacteria and microbes all working in unison. Reducing sub-surface compaction is a fundamental step towards creating the ideal environment for root systems to explore the soil mass and source nutrients; it also allows oxygen into the soil, surface water to drain through the structure and applied and natural fertilisers to find their way down into the root zone. This develops a denser sward so minimising the damage from hoofs in wet conditions.

The Aerator is an environmentally friendly and low maintenance attachment. It is fitted with a ground driven rotor and a series of replaceable knife tines mounted in a scroll formation. As each tine enters the ground it breaks through the surface capping and penetrates to a depth of approx 100mm thereby fracturing and breaking through any sub surface pan.

Best results are achieved when the soil is slightly moist but not too wet. The Aerator can be used effectively throughout the year to solve problems in densely grazed paddocks and prevent compaction layers forming.

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